Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Method of Research in Psychology    B.Sc.
2    Qissertation    M.Sc.
3    The Ories of Organizational Management    M.Sc.
4    Human Resource Management    M.Sc.
5    Budgeting and Financial Maagement    M.Sc.
6    The Economics of Education    B.Sc.
7    Educational Issues in Iran    B.Sc.
8    Oeganizational Rules of Education in Iran    B.Sc.
9    The Foundation of Budgeting in Education    B.Sc.
10    Administration of Primary and Preschool Centers    B.Sc.
11    Human Relationship in Educational Organizations    B.Sc.
12    Foreighn languagc - in curriculm devclopcmcnt    B.Sc.
13    Foreighn languagc in cducational administration    B.Sc.
14    Pre Elementary and Elementary English Text    B.Sc.
15    Research progect - Seminar    B.Sc.
16    Introductions to Educational Administration    B.Sc.
17    Principles of Educational Management    B.Sc.
18    Research progect - Seminar    B.Sc.
19    Philosophy of Education    B.Sc.
20    The Economics of Education    B.Sc.
21    Introduction to Research in Education    B.Sc.
22    Introductions to Educational Administration    B.Sc.
23    Education Economy    B.Sc.
24    Oeganizational Rules of Education in Iran    B.Sc.
25    Islamic Management    B.Sc.
26    Administration of Primary and Preschool Centers    B.Sc.
27    Human Relationship in Educational Organizations    B.Sc.
28    Inservice education planning    B.Sc.
29    Foreighn languagc in cducational administration    B.Sc.
30    Educational Issues in Iran    B.Sc.
31    Introduction to organization and management    B.Sc.
32    Reseach methods Organizational behavioaur    M.Sc.
33    Advanced Educational Technology    M.Sc.
34    Research Methodsin Edu cational Management    M.Sc.
35    Research Methods in Education - I    M.Sc.
36    Research Methods in Education - II    M.Sc.
37    Research Method    M.Sc.
38    Seminar of research in Edeucational problems    M.Sc.
39    Educational Leadership Philosophy    M.Sc.
40    Management of Performance Improvement    M.Sc.
41    The Ories of Organizational Management    M.Sc.
42    Human Resource Management    M.Sc.
43    Behavior and Human Relations in Educational Organization    B.Sc.
44    Philosophical Schools and Educational Ideas    M.Sc.
45    Qissertation    M.Sc.
46    English Text - I    M.Sc.
47    The Philosophy of Educutional Management    M.Sc.
48    Research Methods    M.Sc.
49    Advanced Studies in Human Rouource mangment    Ph.D
50        B.Sc.
51    Training and organizational development    Ph.D
52    Comparative educational administration    Ph.D
53    Orgnlzaticn and Mamagememt in Education    B.Sc.
54    Orgnlzaticn and Mamagememt in Education    B.Sc.
55    Organization and Management in Education    B.Sc.